Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When it rains it pours....

....on me at least.... one thing that really really makes me forget my pain and problems temporarily and helps me clear my mind to think rationally is MUSIC....and I do not have a CD player in my car. I solely rely on my iPod...and this friggin iPod of mine has been giving me battery problems since sometime now... recently after getting tech support in order to fix my problem, I had to reset my iPod to factory settings and that means getting rid of my entire playlist. That in itself was big pain in the a$$ and to top it all, that DID NOT fix my problem :(

Have to call support again..... I am going crazy w/o my iPod.....it's like the high one would get from smoking or daily morning coffee.... take away the cigarette from a smoker, deprive one from his daily dose of caffeine...and all hell breaks lose....now you getting my point..... :)

So, if you cross my path and I lash out on you... I'm tellin ya....it's the iPod.....that's the culprit....blame it on the iPod :(

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