Wednesday, February 01, 2006


As I sit by the river side, listening to the murmuring of the gentle stream as it kisses the pebbles on it's way, I notice a squirrel quenching it's thirst by the sweet water of the stream. I then noticed my own reflection in the water. At first, I could barely see it with the running stream. All I could notice were the pebbles. But as I continued to look for it, I did find it....I saw my reflection in the water, clear and untouched. I smiled and thought to myself….just catching my reflection in the water made me feel nice, even though I look at myself in the mirror everyday.

What was I seeing in the two reflections that evoked this reaction? What was the difference? The difference being that in the stream I could just look at myself and think about nothing, worry about nothing, look at the person who I really am…Just be one with myself….

Everyday we look in the mirror and strive to be what we think we need to be, what others want us to be. Why do we wear a mask and yet not see it? We need to see our true reflections, we need to be able to connect to our soul deep within and become one….