Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Last night I stayed up just to witness the beautiful eclipse..... and let me tell you... it was so worth it. Just to enjoy the sheer beauty of the moon and the earth casting it's shadow over it....The earth cast a beautiful copper/brick hue on the surface of the moon and I could see in between the shadow the craters on the moon and a magnificent moon light lining just forming a very thin crescent shape on the lower edge of the moon's surface..... my words don't do justice to what I experienced last night, the wonderful transition from a big bright vibrant silver moon to a beautiful warm copper moon!

I knew it was Aug28th, but I would have totally missed it if my friend wouldn't have told me that it was actually at 3:00am in the morning......

I read up on this eclipse and the more I read the more I appreciated how nature works, the more I am now fascinated by our solar system, the space, galaxies and the universe and our earth, the moon, you and I....how we are all elements of this one massive organization co-existing (unfortunately I cannot say - in harmony! but I am sure one day that will happen!). we all have at least one specific purpose to fulfill.....wow!!! hmmmm!!!!! I am beginning to drift....ooopppsssss!!!!!!! there I go....

Here's a few links you'd enjoy reading...




Signing off with a song that comes to mind --

Just Like The Moon....one line from that song which is stuck in my head.... it goes something like this...
" I believe that you were born
during an eclipse
and the stars named you moon child"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Someone told me.....

Eyes reflect one's soul,
You have beautiful eyes.

Best things in life sometimes don't make sense.

Life is simple, we make it complicated.

You can predict the future by creating it yourself.

Simple is beautiful.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mmmmmm yummm yummmm yummmm!!!!!

okay, I totally had to blog about this coz this is by far the best strawberry milkshake I've ever had......

For 1 person (1 glass):
3/4 Strawberries
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup reduced fat organic milk
1 tsp/Tbsp honey

Now just mixie it... and voila!!!! you have the yummiest, most deliciousest, tastiest strawberry milkshake evahhhh!!!!! and yeah, the milk moustache left after enjoying that glass of some healthy yet super delicious milkshake is the best! :)


Ooooh, lemme know if you try it and what you think....