Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Material Girl

There are people in this world who are brand crazy, label crazy and I don't mean just one label. They have this craze that only if they wear branded stuff will they be hip. No that aint true. I like Coach, I like Banana Republic, I like J.Crew and I like Mercedez....but it's not like ooooooh, I gotta have an Armani jacket and guess jeans and Chanel glasses only then will I be cool......

A few key points to remember:
1. We came empty handed and we shall depart empty handed. In fact, at the time of death, we leave behind all worldly/materialistic possesions behind. Our souls are truly liberated. Whether or not we attain Nirvana or a better next life will be determined by our Karma....

2. Speaking of Karma, I strongly feel that today if God has given us certain benefits over other fellow human beings, we must first of all totally appreciate how much it means because we cannot even fathom how life would be in the absence of all the privileges we have. This does not just mean Armani and Guess, but also two eyes, hands, legs, family, education, friends, roof to live under, food to eat... Things could be worse.
3. We can and must show our appreciation for these privileges by doing what we came here for, helping make this a better place, giving a little to someone who deserves/needs/lacks it is not going to affect us adversely. Not only by money, but by contributing via our minds, bodies, thoughts, actions we largely impact our world.
4. I, for one am fortunate to be educated in moral values by my family, friends, teachers, etc...I must give back the good I got from this world.
5. If the 4 points above did not convince you, then at least to minimize ur -ve Karma and enhance ur +ve Karma, you must help out....it doesn't matter whether it benefits you or not, it doesn't matter if you know the person or not, it doesn't matter.... nothing should stop you from doing what you gotta do, nothing should stop you from doing a good deed...it could be something like planting in ur backyard, smiling at a passerby, calling someone and letting them know that you care....
6. When you say you love someone, love them w/o conditions, give that one person your everything, (s)he should matter the most to you.....don't hesitate to show them you care, don't hesitate to show them how much you love them. Go that extra mile for someone you love.

On that note, I shall sign out.....with a bright sunshiney smile :)



PS: I aint no materialistic girl...but yeah I totally melt when it comes to Mercedez ;-)