Saturday, November 17, 2007


The winds are cold, the winds are biting
The skies are stormy, the skies are dark
As I walk against the wind I'm fighting
Calls me to it, this old rusted bench in the park

Deserting the tree and leaving it hollow
Like the weathered leaves of autumn
Gone away is happiness, leaving behind sorrow
The heart feels empty, cold and numb

The eyes are moist, the hair are ruffled
The raging winds, the crumpled leaves
Abstract in pattern, the leaves are whiffled
The rain comes down, now the heart heaves

Caressing me gently, washes away my tears
The rain melts my heart, fills the chasm
The emptiness is gone and gone are my fears
With hope and love, my heart blossoms.


Butterflies of time said...

sweet. how the barreness of autumn ggives way into the rejuvenating rains.. a perfect imagery for the seasons of our heart

Jingle said...

love the word flow.
beautiful imagery.

Happy Belated V Day.


Jingle said...

Hello, Thanks for the love to Poetry Potluck! You Rock!

Awards 4 Poetry Potluck Week 22, Enjoy!

Your contribution means a world to us, Happy Thursday!
See you next time!

Jingle said...

Greetings, how are you?
hope you well…
Write a free verse 4 Poets Rally, enjoy poetic friends, you are invited!

Hope to see you in,

Love your poetry talent and looking forward to a profound experience with your input.