Monday, November 19, 2007

These 4 letters that's called LIFE

Amazing how at every turn of our lives, the same revelation appears in a different form........the revelation that LIFE is so rewarding and yet we take it for granted time after we really need that ultimate "life changing" revelation to actually start appreciating what we have???

Yeah it's true that our life is enriched with all the experiences we go through but do all of us have to experience the same thing to understand the importance of this privilege we have. Do we lack the understanding or is it just that as humans while we think we are the most intelligent/smarted of all beings, we probably are also the weakest...... weak enough to be carried away by emotions. When we seek strength of the heart, we are actually rendered helpless???

We want somebody to share our lives with, enjoy the pleasure of living for someone, add meaning to our existence, add purpose to our existence.

So here's to a wonderful privilege given to us by God.....

Live and let live is not where it should end, let's join hands and make this world a better place to live, filled with love and harmony amongst all creations of God....

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