Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Crossroads

We are always at some crossroads in life, be it small or big, easy or difficult, short-term or long-term.

We can either make the choice of what road we want to take or just follow the wind, go with the flow.....However, we as humans are lucky enough to be born with the intelligence to decide/choose what we want....

So, I think that at least if we choose what we want rather than just following the wind, which BTW is going it's own course, at the end of the day even the wind goes it's own way and you are left on your own....By making the conscious choice, at least we are doing something in the direction of what we want in life. Instead of having other factors influence or decide for us, we should follow our hearts.

And hey, the biggest mistake in life one can make, is not taking that chance.... after all you gotta take risks and yeah if you follow your heart, you know you won't regret your decision(s).

Sooner or later we all realize this.......sooner or later.....

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