Saturday, January 08, 2011

10 (apparently proven) benefits of being left handed

Funny post I came across on the web...

Needless to say I am left handed... I heard the following quote from a fellow left handed: "Everyone is born right handed, only the great ones overcome it"

1. Being left handed is an advantage in many sports.
2. Lefties have a greater chance of being a genius– or having a high IQ.
3. Left handed men may make more money.
4. Left handed people adjust more easily to seeing underwater.
5. Lefties are better able to multitask.
6. Some left-handed individuals have better memories.
7. Generally, lefties are better at playing video games.
8. Left handed stroke victims recover faster than right handed stroke victims.
9. Left-handed people are likely to be more visual than language-based, making them ideal for artistic pursuits.
10. Southpaw drivers are more successful at learning to drive than right handed people.

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