Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am feeling Gooooggllllyyyy

So, now I've been using a Macintosh computer for a couple of months and I find that while support for the Mac has been growing, it is still not there yet......however, I must admit that Google impresses me more and more every single day.....they have so many apps, useful apps that are Mac compatible.... just today I found out about the Google Notifier feature and thats brilliant, just like many other apps they have developed......BTW, this feature is also available for Windows....

Anyhoo, it makes me happy to see that Google designs apps keeping in mind that the Mac is also quite popular and it needs to support it as well... yay!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about google apps for the mac. The CEO of google is on the Apple Board and within the past year Google developed a Apple Team. The Apple team in google, by the way, is head by an indian guy.

I'm personally still waiting for the Apple stock to hit 200 :)